May 18, 2020

Rainy + Romantic Mansion Elopement | Massachusetts

Nicole and Zach decided to seal the deal at their elopement on a rainy Friday afternoon at the beautiful and romantic Oliver Ames Mansion in Easton.

Nicole and Zach met on Valentine’s Day 11 years ago. ELEVEN. YEARS. AGO. I shot their engagement session last fall and remember them mentioning they’d like to do a small elopement but didn’t have plans – well, Nicole reached out and we got to planning. In the middle of COVID with most parks closed, we found this beautiful spot close to our towns, and it was perfect for them. Elegant, classic, and romantic – it encompassed everything they’d want!


Where to begin. This elopement is beautiful on so many levels. Not just how beautiful the bride looks, but the love you can see in their eyes. Eleven years later an the two of them have mastered the importance of marriage. Just being with and loving one another. You’ve captured their day in way that made me feel like I was there. Cheers to the bride and groom on a lifetime of love. You found joy during a time of such uncertainty.


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