What’s a Bridal Session and Why You Need One

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February 9, 2021

You’re probably sitting here thinking “what the heck is a bridal session and why do I even need one?” Well, they are an awesome chance for you and your love to spend some time together dressed up in your wedding outfits before your actual wedding day. This separate session is awesome for couples that want all of their dream photos to come true.

Don’t Let Your Wedding Attire Go To Waste

You’ve probably spent a pretty penny on that wedding day look, right? If you didn’t, good for you and please tell me your secrets. But if you’ve spent a few thousand on your dress(es) and suit(s), you might want to take advantage of your outfits and get them photographed somewhere awesome!! Spending that extra time on all of your details that may not always happen on your wedding day when you’re running around.

Find a New Place To Adventure

Who doesn’t want the most amazing photos in an epic location? Sometimes your wedding venue just doesn’t give you all of the magical backgrounds you’re envisioning. Your bridal session can honestly take place anywhere! Make a weekend out of it and explore a new place together, or conveniently book a bridal session while you’re on your honeymoon somewhere amazing. Check out some awesome locations for inspo!

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Stress-Free Photos

It’s no secret your wedding day is a crazy jumble of madness. Sometimes depending on your timeline, you may only have 10-15 minutes for bridal portraits together. While your wedding photos will always have that beautiful touch of “wedding day glow” you might want to book an extra session to get extra special pics of you and your hunny! When the wedding day comes around, you don’t have to worry so much about squeezing in all this time for bridal portraits together, and can simply enjoy the party that you spent all this time planning! It’s also an awesome chance for us to get to photograph together and spend some time so we can make that friendship even stronger 🙂

Time To Get Personal Together

Maybe you want to schedule a bridal session before your wedding day so you can have the first look of your dreamssss together, and read your vows privately together. Once your wedding day rolls around, you’ll have already had the practice of going through this before and won’t be as jittery. You can even add in a couple new lines to your vows, or bring in an extra piece of jewelry to surprise them with, etc.

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When Should You Book A Bridal Session

Around 6-8 weeks before your wedding day, or the day after your wedding! That way, your dress alterations will be completed, and you’ll have some time in between to look forward to your wedding day.

Pro Tip // Book a hair and makeup trial on the same day! If you’re gonna get all glammed up, you may as well get some use out of it, right?! You can schedule your trial with your hair and makeup artist (Miranda is my all time favorite!) to be on the morning of your bridal session, and then get ready for your close up!


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