Best Places for Engagement Photos on Cape Cod, Massachusetts

couple walking on the shoreline

May 21, 2021

Looking for the best places for engagement photos in Cape Cod, Massachusetts? I’ve got you covered with my top 5 fave Cape Cod engagement photo locations!

  1. Nobska Lighthouse/Nobska Beach
  2. Old Silver Beach
  3. The Knob
  4. Bourne Farm
  5. Provincetown Sand Dunes

Nobska Lighthouse/Nobska Beach

First up is the Nobska Lighthouse/Beach! The beach by Nobska Point Lighthouse is one of my fave spots around Cape Cod. It’s just a short drive from Falmouth and you’ll come across it just as you approach Woods Hole. Nobska Beach has a beautiful coastline and you can see the cute lighthouse in the background – like in the photos below!!

couple walking on the shoreline

The beach is PERFECT for any couples who are wanting that beachy, fun, lighthearted feel to their engagement pics. We can run around in the sand, get yo feet in the water, and just have a damn good time.

couple standing in the water at the beach

Jenna & Sam’s session (pictured here) was a blast here – we made a little picnic on the sand and it looked straight out of a 90’s rom-com!!

man and a woman embracing on the beach

And since the beach is so close to Woods Hole, it’s superrrr easy to make a day out of your engagement session! Before your sesh, hit up the Woods Hole Science Aquarium for a fun time lookin’ at ocean life together.

couple embracing on the beach in cape cod

Then, before and/or after your session, find a local restaurant to grab a bite at and make a fun dinner date out of it! Here’s a lil’ article by TripAdvisor to help you find the perfect place to eat.

Old Silver Beach

Old Silver Beach lies on the western shores of Falmouth and is another super beautiful beach spot for engagement photos. 

The beach has a stunninggg coastline with trees along the edges of the sand + greenery. Plus, it’s super easy to access which is always a plus for photoshoots!

couple walking down beach

Amelia & Will’s shoot here is one of my favorites, with the wind blowing in Amelia’s hair + the yummy sunlight we had. I love that the beach has rocks, trees, & plenty of texture + depth – it’s not just a wide open sandy beach!

couple embracing on a beach

The biggest downside of the beach is that it does get crowded easily since it’s a popular tourist destination. Which is why I suggest doing your beach engagement session here in the less busy, non-tourist-crowded season! Let’s go to Old Silver Beach in the fall or wintertime, when it’s a lil chillier but the lack of crowds will totallyyy make up for the cold.

couple embracing on a beach

If you’re not able to do your session during the off season, I’d recommend you definitely try to get to the beach early before too many visitors do – let’s make it a gorgeous sunrise session!

couple smiling at camera on a beach

The Knob

The Knob is another nature area located in Woods Hole! It’s got beautiful nature walks, plenty of birds + wildlife, a pretty coastal bank, and amazing views of the harbor + bay. If it’s clear out, you can see New Bedford and the Elizabeth Islands from the top of the Knob and I loveee watchin’ the sunset here!

couple walking down sidewalk

A couple things to know about the Knob before you head there for your session:

  • Parking is pretty limited
  • Dogs are allowed, but must be on a leash (so bring your well-behaved pup along!!)
  • Please please be aware of how you interact with this land! It’s a beautiful property but gets overrun by visitors who don’t take care of the land. Pick up your trash, your dog poop, etc and just be mindful + respectful!
couple standing on a shore

I photographed Sally & Pat’s engagement sesh here at the Knob and they looked KILLER explorin’ the area. The curved coastline is beautiful for photos, and the tall grass is perfff for that beachy feel you’re dreaming of for your beach engagement photos. 

couple walking in tall grass

After your session at the Knob, walk around Woods Hole and grab a bite to eat or some yummy dessert!

couple embracing on a beach

Bourne Farm

Bourne Farm in West Falmouth is the DREAM location for any couple who loves trees + open grassy fields! Especiallyyy in the fall season.

couple embracing in a field

The farm overlooks Crocker Pond and is rented out by Salt Pond Areas Bird Sanctuaries for events like weddings, receptions, & meetings. Sooo not only can you have your engagement photos here – you can also say “I do” at the farms! 

Bourne Farm allows dogs, so this is another place you can bring your pupper to for your engagement photos. Just make sure they’re on a leash at all times when on the property and that you clean up after them!

couple embracing in a field

Erin & Dillon had their engagement session at Bourne Farms and I looooved everything about it. The muted greens of the grass and fields at the farm look amazing in photos, and in the fall, the trees turn the most beautiful colors!! It’s the perf place if you’re dreaming of greenery + pretty fields for your engagement photos.

couple embracing in a field

Provincetown Sand Dunes

And finally, we’ve got the Provincetown sand dunes! I know I’ve said this about all of these locations so far but the sand dunes are seriously one of my fave engagement session spots. The cliffs overlooking the water mixed with the grassy fields + sandy areas is a dream come true for engagement photos. You get a ton of variety in just one location which we love!!

best places for engagement photos

I ventured to the sand dunes with Jenn & Alex for their engagement sesh and they looked amazing out at this spot. We got tons of shots of them standing in front of the hills in the tall grass, walking along the trails, and looking out at the gorgeous ocean views. This location has the perfect combo of everything for your sesh! 

couple embracing on sand dunes
couple embracing on sand dunes

Want even more Cape Cod engagement + wedding inspiration? Check out these galleries below!


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