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March 26, 2021

“Cape Cod wedding inspiration” – ever Google-searched that? My guess is that if you’re a couple planning any type of Massachusetts wedding on the Cape, your answer is yes. And you’ve probablyyyy come across results that all look the same. The classic light blue color palette, at a beachy venue, with hydrangeas everywhere you look.

And hey – there’s 1000% nothing wrong with that!! If that’s your vibe & you’re dreamin’ up a classic Cape Cod wedding by the water, freakin do it. But today, I want to let you know that there are more ways to have a beautiful Cape Cod wedding. And that you’re allowed to change it up + not follow everything you see on Pinterest!! 

Does that feel relieving? I hope so, because one of the biggest ways to NOT have your dream wedding is to limit yourself to a certain vision or theme you see on the internet. Pinterest is great for inspo, but sometimes, everything can start to look the saaame. So let’s get into some ways you can make your Cape Cod, Massachusetts wedding COOLIO and less stuffy/predictable.


Again, there is NO right or wrong way to have your wedding! Find what makes you & your boo most excited! Whether that’s a classic wedding on the Cape or somethin’ a lil different. This is simply me letting you in on the secret that you are in fact allowed to stray from the norm 😉 

1. Use hydrangeas as accents instead of focal points

Hydrangeas are everywhereee at weddings on the Cape. These flowers aren’t native to the Cape, but here’s why they’re so popular in the area. According to an article in American Lifestyle Mag:

Locals experimented with them in the mid-twentieth century, and learned that the flowers grow well here because the area has well-drained soil and more temperate winters than other places. The area’s cool sea breeze during the summer also helps the hydrangeas thrive. Without the coolness of the sea breeze, the hydrangeas could fade in color, but in Cape Cod, they remain alive and well from early summer to fall.”

Because of how beautiful they are and how well they grow in Cape Cod, hydrangeas are super popular for wedding florals – bouquets, table decor, boutonnieres, you name it. They’re often the big feature decoration of the day, and for good reason. They are stunning!!

But if you want to be a little different, you can feature hydrangeas in your wedding as accents versus main focal points.

This could mean that you have another type of flower as the focal point in your bouquets. And then have a few smaller hydrangeas in your bouquets! Or maybe you have a hydrangea as a small part of every table’s centerpiece. You could even let hydrangea bushes/trees ! Focus on another flower of a similar color palette in the rest of your floral pieces. 

Think outside of the box for this! Communicate with your florist that you don’t want the typical hydrangea focus for your wedding day. Because they should be more than happy to get creative with you!!

2. Don’t be afraid of using colors other than shades of blue

There. . . I said it!! Blue doesn’t have to be the only color you use if you’re getting married in Cape Cod!

Like hydrangeas, blue is often a featured color at weddings in the area. And heyyy I love the beachy/ocean vibes as much as anyone. But just because it’s popular doesn’t mean you gotta do it!

If you like the pastel aspect of light blues, maybe try highlighting a light lilac color, or a pale, pastel pink instead. Or, still want those beach vibes? Use a sandy beige as a base paired with a brighter color as an accent.

3. Tie the knot in the wintertime

Yup, summer & fall aren’t the only times you can get married!! Winter weddings are so unique and actually have a TON of pros to them.

You’ll likely be able to save money if you get married in the winter. Venue costs are much lower, and certain vendor prices may fluctuate seasonally as well. Venues will also probably have more weekend availability! Wintertime isn’t as busy with weddings, so you’ll be able to pick your perf date!

4. Look into venues other than ones on the beach or at country clubs

One of my biggest recommendations if you want to make your Cape Cod wedding different? Look into venues that aren’t on the beach or at a country club!

Obviously the beach and country club settings are popular for a reason – but they’re very typical for a Cape Cod wedding. Allow yourself to open your mind up to other types of venues than the most popular ones – like a farm, brewery or winery!

Here are a few great Cape Cod wedding venues in the area that aren’t a country club or on a beach:

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